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Whether you are an already-operating businesses or starting up your own Guesthouse, you will find our services the right fit for you. Our aim is to find each clients' unique position and offering to the travel and tourism industry and help develop and expand this into a profitable enterprise. Whether a small Bed & Breakfast, Guesthouse or Lodge we offer a fresh pair of eyes and an innovative mind to re-think, re-work and re-develop your products and services to suit the modern traveler. Ultimately we seek to develop and implement a revenue management strategy for you and your business to optimize room occupancy and maximize profits. 

Let us drive your success!

From the initial assessment, all the way through to the actual project implementation we work alongside our clients to ensure real results.

We at JL Hospitality Consulting are passionate about what we do and our clients can be assured of the highest quality and service excellence.


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For each of our clients in the hospitality industry we find their niche market within the tourism sector, assist in maximizing their profits through optimizing occupancy (yield management) and create a functional revenue management strategy which will take them forward.

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